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My family and I traveled from Dallas Texas to San Diego, California. We got stuck right outside of Dallas with a flat tire. I called Dallas Towing and spoke with Jason. I was assured that someone will be at my location within 15 minutes, David showed up within 15 minutes and replaced my tire within minutes. Thank you!

Petter Morye,

First I'd like to say Thank You David for the quick response and all the help I got from your staff on Aug. 12th. My wife and I were about to leave the hospital with our first child to find out that our car battery died. I called Dallas Towing and spoke to David who dispatched an agent to our location. Your guys are the best!

David Yosef,

One day while driving to work my car stalled on the highway and I couldn't get it to start again. Suspecting I needed a jump start, I gave Dallas Towing a call. I was very impressed, when only 35 minutes later there was an auto mechanic at my location. The automatic was able to jump start my car and had me on my way again in no time at all. If you need a jump start I recommend Dallas Towing as a quick and inexpensive towing and auto mechanic service.